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.. _connector-shinken2canopsis:
Connector shinken2Canopsis
.. toctree::
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.. _connectors_shinken2canopsis_setup:
The broker module allow dynamic connection loss and reconnect with
canopsis amqp message bus without loss of events. You should consider to
set ``maxqueuelength`` (the maximum number of events that should be kept
in case of connection loss).
.. code-block:: bash
easy_install kombu
The canopsis broker module is natively present in shinken distribution.
You nead at least dev version.
You only need to enable the broker module and at least configure the
canopsis host address
Edit the ``etc/shinken-specific.cfg`` and add ``Canopsis`` to the list
of enabled modules
.. code-block:: python
define broker {
modules Livestatus, Simple-log, WebUI, Canopsis
In the same file, search for the ``Canopsis`` module and at least set
the host directive to canopsis host address
.. code-block:: python
define module{
module_name Canopsis
module_type canopsis
port 5672
user guest
password guest
virtual_host canopsis
identifier shinken-1
maxqueuelength 50000
queue_dump_frequency 300
When you want to plug Shinken on Canopsis there is a Mongodb port
conflict. So you have to change a little your Shinken configuration and
the mongodb.conf
Edit ``/etc/mongodb.conf``
.. code-block:: bash
And restart it:
.. code-block:: bash
/etc/init.d/mongodb restart
Edit ``shinken-specific.cfg``
.. code-block:: python
define module {
module_name Mongodb
module_type mongodb
uri mongodb://localhost:27018/?safe=true
database shinken
define module {
module_name mongologs
module_type logstore_mongodb
mongodb_uri mongodb://localhost:27018/?safe=true
define module {
module_name MongodbRetention
module_type mongodb_retention
uri mongodb://localhost:27018/?safe=true
database shinken
And ``/etc/init.d/shinken restart``
.. _connectors_shinken2canopsis_use:
Start / Stop
As this connector is a nativ python module, **start** and **stop** actions depend on monitoring master process (Shinken).
So to start it
.. code-block:: bash
service shinken start
And to stop it
.. code-block:: bash
service shiken stop
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