Commit b563c828 authored by Julien Nycz's avatar Julien Nycz

fix: check only admin port if influx version > 1.2

parent fd94900b
......@@ -3,7 +3,16 @@ describe command('service influxdb status') do
its(:stdout) { should_not contain('FAILED') }
its(:exit_status) { should eq 0 }
describe port(8083) do
def influxdb_version
command("influx --version|awk '{print $NF}'").stdout
def required_influxdb_version?
influxdb_version =~ /^(0\.|1\.[012]).*/
describe port(8083), :if => required_influxdb_version? do
it { should be_listening }
describe port(8086) do
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