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fix(changelog): clarify that the SNMP fix is part of CAT

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......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ This document references all changes made to Canopsis since 2017/08/21. Ticket t
- [Tooling] Fix push_docker_images to push the go engines' images
- [Tooling] Remove python-ldap from docker images (WARNING: this will temporarily break support for ldap authentication, and should be fixed in the next release)
- [Tooling] Add engine-axe-cat docker image
- [Tooling] Fix SNMP MIBs import
- [Tooling] Fix SNMP MIBs import for CAT
- [UI] Fix default views
- [UI] Update to VueJS 2.5.21
- [UI] Fix - View deletion message
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