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......@@ -131,7 +131,10 @@ func (e *EngineWatcher) WorkerProcess(msg amqp.Delivery) {
} else if event.BulkAlarmsWithEntity != nil && event.BulkType == types.AlarmChangeTypeResolve {
e.References.WatcherService.ProcessResolvedAlarms(ctx, *event.BulkAlarmsWithEntity)
err := e.References.WatcherService.ProcessResolvedAlarms(ctx, *event.BulkAlarmsWithEntity)
if e.processWorkerError(err, msg) != nil {
// Encode and publish the event to the next engine
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ type Service interface {
Process(ctx context.Context, event *types.Event, alarmChange types.AlarmChange) error
// ProcessResolvedAlarms updates the watchers impacted by the resolution of provided alarms
ProcessResolvedAlarms(ctx context.Context, alarms []types.AlarmWithEntity)
ProcessResolvedAlarms(ctx context.Context, alarms []types.AlarmWithEntity) error
// ProcessUpdateWatcherEvent updates the watchers impacted by provided updatewatcher event
ProcessUpdateWatcherEvent(ctx context.Context, event *types.Event) error
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